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Commercial Service

We service all types of commercial pools in Orange County, such as condominiums, apartments, mobile home communities and more. VIPools is knowledgeable with all county regulations, codes and procedures.

Commercial Pool Service includes:
  • Check an adjust the waters' chemical balance and sanitation levels.
  • Debris removal.
  • Brush tile, steps and walls.
  • Vacuum pool and spa.
  • Inspect safety signs and other deck safety equipment.
  • Inspect hand rails.
  • Monitor equipment for leaks, clogs and other malfunctions.
  • Backwash and recharge filter as necessary.
  • Maintain equipment/chemical room in clean and orderly condition.
  • Complete pool maintenance log according to OC Health Department requirements.
  • Always ending our service by ensuring to properly close and lock doors/gates.

VIPools is committed to keeping all assets under our care clean, safe and sparkling. We perform consistent inspections to maintain compliance with all pool operational requirements as outlined in the county health and safety code. Because proper operation of all equipment is essential to the clarity, safety and health of the water, we arer committed to complete repairs or install new equipment with the utmost urgency, once authorized.

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